Barefoot woman

Barefoot woman for the summer or in mid-season. Very comfortable to wear, our barefoot and hooves will seduce you as ever no other barefoot nor any other shoe has seduced you.

Barefoot for woman: Golden, white, camel, black... is your shop for shoes online at low prices!

Not want to invest in your summer shoes? Looking for low prices for your bare feet and open sandals? Your feet deserve the best for this summer!

Stay trend without much spending with! We offer many shoes not dear wife.

The Barefoot shoe, the flat shoes of summer

Enjoy fast, the season is short. Most of our barefoot are flat, but you will also find small heel. Our shoes are heel. Regardless of the model chosen, it will always be a model of women's shoes. You choose!

Fan of comfort, looking for flat shoes without heel to dress your pretty colorful dresses? Discover without further delay, all shoes this summer!

Your shoe collection will now be unique. For the more adventurous, our choice of Spartans, spaccia and rising sandals will match perfectly with a short denim skirt or khaki shorts.

Women of case can also afford to leave their foot during hot periods! Prefer to match your suit with shoes open toe and small heel, preferably in leather or patent leather.

For the life of every day, nubuck, suede and suede are back! These materials will perfectly match with an Ethnic style and colorful, very trend this summer. 

To our timeless, opt for a barefoot sequined or studded with an outfit classic and chic in order to balance your outfit. The colors and the materials set are allowed! Enjoy your summer! 

Wide choice of nudes feet for woman, all colors and all materials

For those who prefer high heels, check out our categories ofwoman espadrille, mules woman and hooves, shoes, wedge shoes, boots and low boots and shoes woman. We also have a selection of bare feet big size in our shoes large size woman!

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Showing 1 - 48 of 88 items