Ballerinas to walk flat. Cheap woman ballerinas. Treat yourself to beautiful cheap ballerinas. Highlight your femininity with our cheap ballerinas.

Not expensive for women ballerinas: leather, suede...

Here you will find flats with small heels. You will also find flat ballerinas in this topic of flat shoes. Looking for black, red or white, comfortable flats, there will always be a model to your liking. We select our ballerinas with the utmost care by forgetting that our shoes are worn by our clients and that they must therefore combine comfort and beauty.

If you got the wrong size for your ballerinas, is not serious, we will exchange your shoes women size quickly. Your shoes will be delivered for free in 3-5 days. If you are in a hurry to receive your ballerinas, these ballerinas can you be supplied within 48 h 00 by mail. We wish you to enjoy your comfort ballerinas and indulge yourself with our women's shoes.

The Ballerina for woman, ideal for mid-season

We have a great passion, the one for the shoes not dear wife and we share it with you ladies! Chassmoi offers ballerinas Womens shoes that are ideal for mid-season in order to get your feet out a little. Discover on our website the ballerinas for women spring-summer collection at a low price.

Ballerinas are comfortable to wear when the warm weather arrives. On our Web site, you will find all our models of ballerinas who are declined in several colors and available in several sizes. For a more classic and chic style, we also offer models of moccasins for woman. Chaussmoi fits all styles and all desires. We offer you shoes models that are more conspicuous with Rhinestones and lace or simpler models that are more discreet and sophisticated. 

Wide selection of ballerinas: black, red, Navy Blue, gold

Discover all our ballerinas woman models on our website.

You will certainly find the Ballerina that will go perfectly with your outfit. Chaussmoi offers a wide choice of ballerinas: black, red, Navy Blue, Golden...  You're spoilt for choice!

For comfort and to take a few centimeters, we also have a ballerinas to square heel about 3.5 centimetres. Don't wait more ladies, and order the pair of Ballet flats of your dreams!

You have the possibility to order directly online from the Chaussmoi platform. We have many a great choice of City woman sneakers, of Barefoot whiteetc.

If you have any questions on our shoes or on the delivery methods, you can reach us at the The Chaussmoi team will be happy to answer you!  

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